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Pearl Gemini Zodiac Charm in 9ct White Gold

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About This Item

A celestial pearl charm in 9ct white gold representing the Gemini sign in the zodiac. Gemini is the air sign of twins and contrast. These star signs are thought to be multifaceted, showing kindness and confidence on the outside and a connection with their emotions on the inside. Express your own unique qualities with this petite piece that celebrates your horoscope.

Gemstone Information

The orb shapes and velvety iridescence of pearls evoke ideas of nature and purity. In some cultures it has been believed that pearls were ‘teardrops of the moon’ fallen from rain and placed in the heart of an oyster. As a birthstone, pearls symbolise June birthdays and make beautiful and traditional 3rd anniversary gifts.

Jewellery Collection

The Gemondo Zodiac Collection features dainty pieces in celebration of all twelve star signs. Each piece is decorated with a birthstone to reflect the month of the wearer. Mix and match charms and chains from this beautiful gemstone jewellery range.

Product Code 162P0236019
Material 9ct White Gold
Gemstone Details 1 x Pearl- 0.10ct - Round - 2.50-2.60mm
Gemstone Origin Pearl - China